Black Sable #1 Cover C NM 2017 Zenescope

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Black Sable #1 Cover C NM 2017 Zenescope
Zenescope Ent. (Age): Modern (Release Date): 9/6/2017 (Pages): 32 (Cover Artist): Ruiz Burgos (Artist): Sergio Arino Description One hundred years in the future the age of pirates has returned as mankind reaches out for the stars. Schooners have been replaced by star ships and these pirates wield space age weaponry but they are as bloodthirsty and ruthless as their predecessors were centuries before them. Experience a new universe of swashbuckling action and adventure in the vast reaches of space! Listing Images: ATTENTION: The comic images shown in our listings may not be of the actual item received. Most of our listings are multi item listing therefor the image shown is just a representation of the item to be received not it s actual image. So please pay attention to the grade noted in the listing title and details for actual comic condition.