Monster War TP Cover A - Soft Cover 2018 Dynamite

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Monster War TP Cover A  - Soft Cover 2018 Dynamite


(Age): Modern   (Release Date): 09/12/2018  

(Cover Artist):   Joseph Michael Linsner   (Artist):   Vitor Ishimura   (Writer):   Christopher Golden


 by Christopher Golden & Tom Sniegowski, Joyce Chin, & Vitor Ishimura The first appearance of the Dynamite Monsters is now available in one trade paperback collection! Debuting in a special crossover with the Top Cow Universe, the Dynamite Monsters have their sights set on Ash in the current AOD storyline, but see where it all began in this new Collection! Reprinting the entire Top Cow/Dynamite Monsters: Monster War 4 mini-series by writers Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegowski, and featuring the art of Joyce Chin and Vitor Ishimura, this volume also includes an all-star cover gallery featuring the artwork of Marc Silvestri, e-Bass, Joyce Chin, and Joseph Michael Linsner! Features two unique covers by Marc Silvestri and Joseph Michael Linsner, shipped in a 50/50 ratio.