Untouchable GN - Soft Cover 2010 Dynamite

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Untouchable GN - Soft Cover 2010 Dynamite


(Age): Modern   (Release Date): 12/22/2010   (Pages): 180

(Cover Artist):   Ashok Bhadana   (Artist):   Ashok Bhadana   (Writer):   Samit Basu, Mike Carye


 Young Vimal is an outcast, constantly bullied and brutalized by his peers. Having never met his father, he has been told by his schoolmates that he's the horrific offspring of a demon that impregnated his noble mother. When he accidentally awakens Jara, an actual demon of sinister beauty and malevolent power, from a centuries-long slumber, his life takes a turn for the evil. Fed by the boy's anger and pain, Jara twists the trauma into a thirst for vengeance, offering him a 'magic' powder with which to exact revenge on his tormentors. But such gifts come with a price...